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Available in different sizes?

As discussed during the desk crit, this model will be available in different sizes to accomodate several types of dogs.'Womb' in Several Sizes

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  1. jgriffi5
    September 4, 2009 at 10:42 pm

    Things are moving a bit with this project. I think you need to keep working on the model to get more detail.i.e. I see no feet, holes handles etc. i.e CP manipulation. Variations could be more diverse as at present they look like scaled version of one another.

    Not too convinced by the context drawings as they seem a little generic. Perhaps you should look more closely at ground/floor conditions. I,e, what is it like buried in a backyard next to a fence below trees. Draw the earth, roots mounds of excavation etc. A good section would help this. Additionally what is it like sitting on tiled floor does it have rubber feet?

    I am also looking for drawings to show the water and its environmental concept.

    Keep going. It is improving


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