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Site Photos: The Dotted Exurb

A landscape dotted with incomplete homes…

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  1. jgriffi5
    October 11, 2009 at 12:09 pm

    Thanks for the update.

    This looks like an interesting development and something of a surprise. It seems like there is some relationship to the conversation with Jacqueline which also picks up on these themes. Therefore the conversation about solar orientation should have a different emphasis and perhaps be geared towards growing strategies and so on. The nature of the community and the influence of proximate agriculture is almost a preindustrial image. Subsistance farming, work and home close together and so on. While this is powerful it should not get too nostalgic. Keep pushing the work in this direction. I find the images of the solitary suburban houses very compelling. It would be useful to do more collages that re-interpret these in the way you describe. The study of the abandoned areas should then be used to persuade us that there is some viability to the scheme as simply replacing roads with agriculture would not be enough. I my experience it is better to work with and alter what exists rather than propose apocalyptic scenarios as a starting point. You may end up at the same point. For example what would it be like if you redeployed existing resources rather than suggest they are shut off. Keep going. I like the ideas.


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