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Rhino Lesson 1: Utzon Bagsvaerd Church

For Lesson 1 of the ANP494 course, the objective is to model the curvilinear ceiling surface of Utzon’s Bagsvaerd Church. The first step (Fig.1) is to import a 2D copy of the section and simply trace a series of circles which will ultimately form the ceiling (Fig.2). Fig. 3 illustrates the polyline after trimming the circles which form the ceiling. After joining the polylines, extrude the surface with the extrude command in a straight line command(Fig.4). Repeat the process for the remainder of the polylines (Fig.5). Fig.6 shows a close-up view of the ceiling surfaces. (**Note** I chose to ‘cap’ the surfaces but received an error message which stated that one or more of the surfaces were not joined and thus never figured out how to cap this complex form.) In Fig.7, I changed the layer color to a grey with the intent of rendering. A spotlight was added to achieve a shadowed effect in the rendering. Figs. 9 and 10 show the rendered surfaces. The former with edges rendered, the latter without.

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