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Nanogram Competition Entry: Activate! 2013

Nanogram Competition Entry: Activate 2013

Nanogram Competition Entry: Activate 2013

Team: L. Michael Lu

Now introducing elementPARK, an urban injection of sculptural PVC. elementPARK is iconic and ironic. A triangular park is made linear, a rectilinear pavillion is formed of extruded circles. element|PARK rests as an anchor between two extant bustops. While families anticipate the arrival of public transportation they are met with a playground for all. Sit-Lay-Play, Eat-Sleep-Unwind. Sustainability is at the core of element|PARK. Its roughly 5600 extruded plastic elements sculpt an openspace based on human form and activity. For the community it stands as an educational piece reminding passersby of the limitless possibilities of re-purposed materials salvaged from landfills. Its construction is basic, from the PVC pipes retrieved from construction sites and city dumps to the synthetic grass donated by sports arenas. Held in place with a combination of screws and bonding agent donated by local hardware stores and the sweat of community participation, element|PARK will remain a symbol for Jackson + Homan. A defunct park is once again activated by the discarded remains of human occupation and the ingenuity of its inhabitants. .

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