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Passive Heating / Cooling with Water

On the right, you see that I am thinking about what the structure of the dog house should be. Is it inflatable or a series of formed plates that fold into one another as shown in the video I posted yesterday. I feel as though in order to not lose the theme of the ‘WOMB’ I should go with the former system. 

On the left I am attemping to demonstrate the passive heating and cooling properties of the water filled structure. During the day, the water-filled shell absorbes the heat of the sun slowly while maintaining a cool interior. At night, the heat stored within the structure is slowly released into the interior to warm the dog.

Heating and Cooling Diagram

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  1. jgriffi5
    September 8, 2009 at 1:15 am


    Thank you for the submission. I am in agreement with you about the preference for the waterfilled version over the segmented. The segmented version with plates that slide over is extremely complicated geometrically while the water filled version is more of the language you describe.

    I suggest that you look at the Cushicle – Mike Webs famous hybrid of a cushion and a vehicle. Look through each of the images to get a better ideas about how to draw it in section. I suggest that you work more on the 3D model to get the cellular properties across.

    I like the animation although it is explaining the concept that you are moving away from. Is it possible to do one of the doghouse expanding as it is filled? For me the context drawing still seem a little generic. I feel that you can do more with orthogonal sections and plans.

    look at:


    additionally you should look at water filled structures. I found this but there are many more.


    Similarly botanist drawings/ anatomical section through natural cellular structures might help with the drawing quality.



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