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Womb Organics / Cellular Substructure

As a frame for the “Womb” I am pursuing the idea of a cellular structure similar to that of a plant. The shell, which will consist of an inflatable recycled neoprene material, will stretch over the cellular substructure and then fill with water.

Cellular Structure

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  1. jgriffi5
    September 12, 2009 at 1:22 am

    Keep me informed.

    Take care with the presentation. It looks a little messy at present. The photographic images are good but the sketches and the text font are a bit distracting. Some of your hand drawing are good but not the ones show. Perhaps just use the grey and the gold as your two presentation colors.
    In Rhino you can use the trim tool to do sections and sectional perspectives. Also try the “make2d” command too for simpler drawings. I will try and post some images or a PP presentation on the general studio blog with some examples of good presentations.


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