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DIAGRAMS: Capas | Layers CERRO DE MELGAR Project

During pre-Final review, it was made clear that the story was unclear. The following diagrams break down the introduction of homeopathic intervention along a singular contour line between the top and bottom of cerros. This equidistant localization of programs implies a democratic stance by the incoming administration in its investment into the low income areas of Lima’s “cinturon de pobreza”. The project is given a name of “SUTURA”, or suture; a series of Open Source Infrastructures intended to be replicated by the people. The project is green [the color of the current Mayor Susana Villaran] to contrast with the yellow intervention of the stairways by former Mayor Luis Castaneda Lossio. This move of creating egress strings via yellow stairs was a brilliant “first move.” It represents one idea but replicated thousands of times. The next logical step is to connect the stairs horizontally with open spaces, civic programs, and amenity infrastructures.

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