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The project is a CIVIC OPERATION. 3 main terraces house 6 main programs. The junctures are articulated by singular shade elements. To the north left, gabion walls accommodate for everyday informal vendors; the widths between blocks serve ambulantes. The north right will feature 3 vending kiosks that are fixed and represents the other form of informal vending in low income areas of Lima. This “mobile” and “fixed” retail is connected by a covered walkway.

The second terrace is a civic space. The pre-existing soccer field is complemented by the addition of a primary school and community center. These programs are joined by a series of trees which implies transparency.

The third terrace to the south concerns core necessities of the people: food and water. To the left a large fog harvesting device based upon a structure influenced by Ecosistema Urbano intends to capture enough water to irrigate the planted terraces to the east. An outdoor laundry and open air shower for women keeps them close to their community farms and near thier small children in school. Water is reclaimed from these facilities to supplement the fog harvested water for irrigation. These two programs, production of food and water, are articulated once again by a covered walkway.

The diagram is simple and based upon a typical hyperhouse in Lima: The front is mercantile, the core is a living room, the back is reserved for domestic affairs and hygenic functions.


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